India against Terrorism

After the devastating Pulwama attack on CRPF troops on 14th Feb 2019 carried out by Pakistan based terrorist organization ‘Jaish e Mohammad’ tensions between India and Pakistan have escalating like crazy.

On 26th Feb 2019 Indian Air Force carried out ‘Non-Military Action’ on the ‘Jaish e Mohammad’ terror camps operating in Balakot.

The tension reached a notch higher after that as Pakistan took offense on the non-military action. It is important to note that IAF carried out this operation with utmost responsibility. The action taken by India was on the bases of credible intelligence information that Jaish e Mohammad was further going to plant many attacks in India. Hence it was the right of India to take required actions.

After this Pakistan attacked Indian Forces on 27 Feb 2018 and further stooped to the lowest level when they put out a video of IAF personnel on social media.

India wants Peace

India is a peace loving country. We are against terrorism like any sane person should be. India did not attack Pakistan, the terror camps were attacked. These camps belonged to Jaish e Mohammad terror group who were planning to plant more attacks on the Indian soils. Hence destroying them was absolutely necessary and was the need of the hour.  

Pakistan needs to introspect

Attacking terror camps should not even be seen as ‘Attack on Pakistan’. If Pakistan considers this airstrike by IAF as an attack on them, then they are literally putting it out loud and clear what the world already knows (which they have been denying) that it is indeed a ‘terror incubator’, ‘save heaven to the terrorists’.

Pakistan attacked the Indian Forces on 27 Feb 2018, from the actions of Pakistan it is clear that is does not stand for peace and a sane mind will question this action. What was this attack for? Because India took measures to protect itself from future attacks of terror group Jaish e Mohammad? The world needs to speak now. Pakistan helping terrorism and fighting for it is not just India’s problem. The world needs to stand for the real issue now, it is time.

Word to Pakistan – Pakistan, even you need to stand against terrorism. Terrorism is Pakistan’s problem too; it is biggest road block in development of your country, address this.

Peace not War

Let us be very clear and please for God’s sake use our minds now. War is not the answer because it comes with a huge cost.

If there is a war between India and Pak, ask yourself who will bear the cost and consequences of war? The answer is, literally every single citizen of both the countries. But who will be affected the most? The soldiers of course. They are the ones who will be in the battlefield fighting and dying.

Sure India is not afraid of Pakistan or any other nation for that matter. We know what our forces are capable of; we have the best in place but let’s understand this, in war even the winner loses, we will not be winning this war without losing anything.

Appeal to the cyber nationalists, please stop this warmongering. Our soldier’s life is not that cheap, it cannot be wasted because some people are shouting war war from the comfort of their living rooms. Can you for once think about the one who is going to on the battlefield? These soldiers have families too, and they are human too.     

Role of media

Media in both the country is playing the role of villain in this story. They could not have shamed their profession any further, it just could not be any worse.

It is absolutely astonishing to see how mainstream media of both countries is behaving from the past few days.  Media right now is basically doing the work of fuelling the fire of hatred among their respective citizens. A word the media ‘Guys what you are doing is downright WRONG, IRRESPONSIBLE, and NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.’

Cost of War

For all those who are yelling we want war. Just remember we have fought 4 wars with Pakistan so far and Yes India won all of them. But don’t you remember how many Indian soldiers had to pay for this by sacrificing their lives?

I would again like to make it very clear that every Indian is proud of its brave soldiers, we know we are the best and we capable of beating the shit out of enemies if need be.  

If unfortunately, in any circumstances war happens, remember what all happen, and this common for both the countries (the winner and the loser). Since India has achieved more hence we have more to lose. 

Loss of Human lives: This is the biggest and most crucial, I cannot stress this enough, and this Cost of the war is most devastating among all. 

Economic cost: War obviously is going to cost a lot in literal terms but that’s not all, the economy of the entire nation will be pushed back severely.

 Social Cost: It will inevitably multiply social problems on the macro level. High chances that the problems like crime, hunger and poverty will increase.

Undo the achievements: India has been working hard and performing so well, we are one of the fasting growing economies. Our growth rate, our development and years of hard work is going to get drained. 

Even after all this can we be sure that the problem will be solved? Will terrorism be completely eradicated from the face of the earth or at least will India be able to make currently terror suffering area terror free?  

It is absolutely unfortunate that people from both the nations are cheering for war when our common goal should be fighting terrorism and restore peace on our lands.

Let’s not forget

How can we forget it just about 72 years ago that we were one country? The largest part of both our history is the same, we speak the same language, we have more in common than differences. Then, why such hatred?  

India wants peace so should Pakistan.





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