Famous People Who Made It From Rags to Riches

In life we often get bogged down by circumstances, difficulties and challenges. And in this moment, we feel as if we can’t do it because the universe isn’t conspiring for it. Let me tell you that you are not alone, everyone feels that way and its ok. What not ok is to get so terrified of failures and do nothing.

So to inspire you to get going for your dream we have a list of famous people who were not given success, they took it, they made it happen.

These rags to riches story will surely inspire you to get going for the things you want. So read on       

Albert Einstein

A person whose name is used as a synonym to intelligence was once considered mentally handicap. Can you imagine that? Albert Einstein did not speak until he turned 4, this made people question his mental soundness.

In school he wasn’t considered a good student and wasn’t liked much by most his teachers (except Maths teacher). When he wanted to pursue science and wanted to take admission in the institution, he failed the entrance test. He the prepared for the test and eventually passed it.

After graduating from college it took sometime before he even a job he liked. Reading all  this we know that one of the smartest man did not have it easy. His journey was not exactly a cake walk.

But did any of that stop him winning Nobel prize in physics?  Of course, not

Albert Einstein

Colonel Harland Sanders

This one is perhaps my personal favorite. This story is for all those who say there a right age to get started. Colonel Harland Sanders proves it otherwise.

The founder of world-famous KFC fast food chain Colonel Harland sanders faced many failures and challenges all his life. He worked odd jobs, tried hand at various ventures and failed over and over again.

Fortune came to this guy in his 60s, when most us think its too late for anything, this was the time of rise for this man. This all started after another one of his restaurants had failed. Sanders tried selling his fried chicken model at the age of 65.

He was rejected by 1009 restaurants before he was accepted by one and eventually KFC francize was created.

Jack Ma

Jack Ma, one of the richest and most successful people in the world. But did he become this without failure?  The answer is no. Jack grew up in a family with limited means. To earn some extra money, he even worked as tourist guide.

When he decided to go to college, he failed the entrance test twice before he was accepted. After graduating Jack Ma failed in dozens of job interviews. His first two projects as entrepreneur also failed.

Despite his failures, he never lost hope, never questioned his ability. Eventually, he created Billion-dollar company ‘Alibaba’.

Jack Ma

Walt Disney

Can anyone imagine what our lives would have been without Disney. Disney is the joy of every child’s childhood. But the man who created this magic Walt Disney did not walk the smoothest road to success.

He faced a lot of criticism and was even fired from job at Kanas city star. He was even told that he lacks imaginations and does not have good ideas. He faced many failures, including failed business and bankruptcy. With what Disney is known as from years, he clearly proved all his critics wrong with mammoth success.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison is an example of never giving up attitude. When everyone called him failure, he considered that lessons.   

Many of Thomas Edison’s teachers told him that he was dumb and could never achieve success in his life. Later while trying to create light bulb he failed many times. While others considered this a failure, Thomas did not think so. He said “I’ve not failed, I have Just found 10000 ways that won’t work.” And we all know he was right.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson went from struggling with Dyslexia as child to being a Billionaire Business tycoon. The story of Richard Branson might not be of Rags to riches but its not that success was served to him in a silver plate.  As a child he suffered from dyslexia and because of that he gave up studies. And started his own venture.

At this point he did not have a lot of money to his employee, so he came up innovative ideas to overcome that challenge. And slowly and gradually he built Virgin \ group because of which, he is one of the richest people of UK.

JK Rowling

J.K Rowling one of the richest authors in the world. The writer of the famous Harry Potter books, who also held the status of world’s first Billionaire author.

But before success came her way, she struggled with poverty and depression. J.K was a single jobless mother who was living on welfare benefits (this means that she was as poor as one can be in UK without being homeless).

When she her Harry Potter and tried to find a publisher, it was not easy for her. Her book was rejected by about a dozen of publisher before one finally published it and the rest is history.

Oprah Winfrey

Today we know Oprah as one of the most powerful and influential women in the world. But all of this did not come her without any failures.

She had a tough childhood, she struggled with poverty and was also subjected to abuse. Although her career started pretty nicely, she became first Afro- American woman to be anchoring a show

But she got fired that job. But did that hold her back? Of course not.

In fact this failure is perhaps the best thing that happen to her. It was after this that she made a move in talk shows and never looked back.

Steven Spielberg

Three times Oscar winner, Hollywood’s most respected director Steven Spielberg was rejected twice by the University of Southern California’s school of Cinematic Arts.  

Today the same institution has a building built in his honour. That’s the sound of Success.

So, the next time you question yourself remember that even the biggest people that you look up to, did not achieve everything overnight. Success and fortune is not given it is to be earned (at least in most cases). Just do not give up, sooner or later success will follow.


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