Best foods you ate in your childhood.

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Now that you are trapped by the title and thinking that you will find mouth-watering dishes that you loved as a child, well let me tell you that you are in for a surprise. Sorrrryyyyy, but here comes the nightmare, here we will remind you about the food served by your mother that you never wanted to eat in your childhood. Hehehe Hahahaha

  1. Palak ki Sabzi : If you liked this dish as a child, than trust me you are ideal Beta/Beti of your family. Imagine in classroom your friends gathered for lunch, people are having fried rice, Paratha Jam, Maggie, Pratha Omlate in their boxes and you come up with palak ki Sabzi.

2. Aalo Gajar ki Sabji: One of my friend’s mother used to give Aalo Gazar for lunch, it’s none of my business if his mother loved him or not, but I didn’t like it when he used to finish my lunch and dogs used to finish his.

3. Lauki ki Sabzi : This is the most unbearable dish, that I can’t even have today, to make it bearable it must be made along with aalu. I have heard that Loki ka Juice can even kill people, so to all mothers please don’t give loki to your children. Jan hit me jari.

4. Khichri: On every Saturday my mother have been making khichri saying that influence of Shani Reduces when you eat khichri. From that day I am atheist.

5. Bhindi with Gravy: When someone makes dry bhindi than it is somewhat ok to eat. But because Indian moms are enemy of their children taste buds so they decided to make Bhindi with gravy, which make it fibrous, starchy weird looking dish which one can never eat even if it is last dish on the planet.


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