10 Times Gurmeet Ram Rahim blew our minds – Bizarre claims of Baba Ram Rahim

Baba Ram Rahim, a.k.a. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, name sounds familiar, right? You guessed it right Gurmeet Ram Rahim is self-proclaimed God man who was also the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda. Baba Ji is currently in jail for his not so Godly deeds.

Well, we are not here to run a trial or anything. We just thought of bringing some fun to you. So here we go, one thing that defines this MSG movie star is his over achievements. Apparently, Ram Rahim is capable of doing literally every damn thing.

Below is the list of 10 claims made by Baba Ram Rahim that made us all go WTF!!!

MSG movie star – The only one he needs to make a movie is himself

If you thought Ram Rahim was only capable of running Dera Sacha Sauda, you probably did not see Baba ji’s interview where he claimed what all he has done single handily in his movies.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim has sang, acted, directed, produced, edited, written the script, done lighting work and a lot more in his movies. ALL BY HIMSELF. Forget about imagining someone doing all this alone, I am just tired from listing this list.

When the interviewer asked, “Baba you do so much by yourself what is it that you don’t do?”

To which Baba replied “Hum bas bura kam nahi karte, buri soch nai rakhte” meaning “the only thing I do not do is that I do not do or think anything bad”. Ahemmmm we all know about his Karmas and thoughts so let’s just move on.

Ram Rahim the Fashion Designer

Baba Ram Rahim has also been proud of his fashion skills. As per Baba, he designed all his clothes. His creative process as explained by Ram Rahim himself is that he does not think and just takes a pen and starts drawing on t-shirts and decorates them with blingy stuff. Tadaaaaa outfit is ready.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim the Interior and exterior designer

If you remember Ram Rahim’s interview where he showed off his mammoth collection of cars you know what this is about. 

Most of these cars were given new avatar. Apparently, Gurmeet Ram Rahim ye sab bhi kar lete hai, itne talent jo diye hai bhagwan ne. Aye Haye….

Baba Ram Rahim the Farmer

Ji Han Baba Kheti Bhi Karte Lete hai (well yes baba is also a farmer). So, when an interviewer asked Msg movie star Ram Rahim that if he calls himself a Fakir why does he have so much of property?

To which Babaji replied all that land he uses for farming and to teach people Farming. Such a selfless guys.

Baba Ram Rahim the Hair and makeup expert

Did you think the list of talent ended just like that? Hold that thought fella, Gurmeet Ram Rahim says he is also super talented when it comes to hair and makeup. While quoting how his daughter found out this talenet of her father Baba ji told that the kind of hairstyle, he asked his daughter to create was so unique that she could not find it anywhere on the net. And when Ram Rahim ji created it, she was shocked to see such uniqueness.  To which I am going to say ‘Thank God’ I do not that such talents.

Ram Rahim the cricket God

According to Gurmeet Ram Rahim 20-20 matches in cricket was invented by him. And taking invention in cricket one step forward he now has invented 8 (aatha). He said that as of now a shot till 70 gaj and beyond is called 6 (chakka) but since there is nothing for when someone hits an even greater shot. Now he has created 8 (attha) it is scored when a person makes a 100 Gaj beyond shot. Taliyaaaa….

Ram Rahim International star:

So apparently MSG Movie star Baba Ram Rahim once claimed that internationally people are dying to cast him in their movies. He even received scripts from Bollywood and Hollywood but he rejected them all. Ok for this I have no word. This is #KuchBhii #swag

Born driver

Seems like it wasn’t just Abhimanyu who learnt while he was still inside his mother’s womb. Gurmeet Rahim says that he has been driving tractors since he was 7 years old. Kis ke MaaBaap 7 saal ke bache ko ye sab allow karte hai bhai?   

A wholesome sports person – Gurmeet Ram Rahim

Dera Sacha Sauda chief has claimed that he has played 32 sports at the national level and he has been captain in all the sports. Itna talent ek Insan me, fir bhi Olympics me nahi gaye Bahoot na insafi hai re.

Style Icon Baba Ram Rahim

Everyone has seen Baba ji in his ‘Rock Star’ avatar. When someone asked him about his style and how he pulls off such loud stuff he said: “ Hum par sab achata hai”. Meaning ” I can pull off everything from bright colours to blingy clothes and shoes.” That’s called confidence. 


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