10 Revolutionary Songs That Changed History of Mankind.

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With the easy availability of internet and platforms such as Youtube, we have seen many People turn into singer, actor, dancer and what not. This has resulted in discovery of some extreme talent.

Some genuinely good hence became famous and other so bad that they anyway became viral.

Today we bring to you a list of 10 viral songs that made us wonder what the hell is happening there.

1.       Selfie Maine Leli:  This song was not just a song it was a phenomena. A digital landmark set by iconic youtuber, Ms. Dhinchak Pooja. She gained popularity with her immensely absurd song Selfie Maine Leli Aaj. No matter how much you hated her singing but everyone did share it and let’s face it she was the talk of the town for quite some time. This video of hers has over 37 million views.

2.       Daru Daru Daru:  This is another iconic single from the rapper, performer, singer, lyricist and what, not Dhinchak Pooja.

If you are trying to understand what does song actually meaning. I think Kavi yahan pe social change ke lie Koshish kar rhe hai (she attempted for a social change). How you ask? To understand this, let’s break down the lyrics of the song, it goes like “Daru Daru Daru Jo na nache usko Maru”. I think Here Ms. Dhinchak Pooja is trying to explain her frustration with the section of society that ruins every party by not dancing. Hence she has made it a mission of her life to beat the shit out of the people who do not dance.   This video has over 9 million views on her channel.

3.       Dancing all the night:  Yeah, This one’s for all you travelholics who love travel. This travel anthem made rounds on the internet like crazy made its composer Mr. Bhim Niroula an internet sensation of whatever kind.  And by now all of us know that ‘He wants to travellll Canada and in the New York ciityyy Dancing all the night’. That’s right pretty poisonous right. This video has 1.1 million views, 7.3 k likes and 1.1 k dislikes.

4.      Lover Charger:  Next on the list is party anthem of Dhongi Babas of the millennium ‘you are the Charzer, you are the love charzer, you are the love charzerrrrrr’. This disastrous song is by the infamous self proclaimed baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

We all have seen this self-obsessed, overdressed Baba doing all kinds of weird stuff. This Song is just one of the mind-numbing creations of his.  It’s no big deal, baba is just being his
usual rock star self. Thank god for keeping our ears and eyes safe after watching this video. This video has over 9.6 million views, 141k likes and 56k dislikes.

The Sonuuu Song:  ok so next up in our list is the
very annoying, a song that makes you ear bleed, the Sonu song. I am sure all of
you can still recall the horror when this irritating video of bunch of people
singing this song in weird tone went viral and appeared on your
feed 1000 times a day and made you
crazy. I’m sorry to have reminded of the horror once again. But I still have
that question in my mind “Kon hai log Kahan se ate hai ye”?   Surprisingly this video has over 1 million
views, 6k likes, and 1.4 k dislikes.

6.      Sunday Morning love You: This is another diabolic number from our very
untalented Bhim Niroula
(applause). From lyrics to its absolutely nonsensical tunes to out of the
universe video and his moves this song is absolute Zaher. #katil. This katil
song has over 5.6 million views, 42k likes, and 15k dislikes.

7.     Kitabo Mai ye Likha Nahi:  If you have seen this song’s video you know what I am talking about. You got it right, this is the same professor of YMCA Faridabad Vinay Sharma who dresses like Michael Jackson and composes they shittiest songs ever. This song is amazing for its absolute ability to completely puzzling your mind. You will not be able to think anything. After watching and listening to this song you will be left in a state of complete shock for God Knows how long. So, for those who did not see the song till date if you decide to see it we would like to wish you luck.


8.       It’s My Life:  Our next disastrous number is by Vennu Mallesh. The Video of this song has this guy singing in a studio kind of set up. But even with all that technology nobody could save it from becoming absolute blah. This video has over 17 million views, 203k likes, and 67k dislikes. 

9.       Attitude Attitude Attitude à This song you people…. is a class apart. Why, you ask? Because the youtube star, rapper Sushil Jadhav and his friends (who are not doing anything much in the video) have created this Hip Hop number with the least lyrics. Literally, more than 80% of its lyrics is merely is Attitude Attitude Attitude Attitude Attitude baga baga Attitude Attitude Attitude Attitude Attitude Attitude. This video has over 105k views, 769 likes, and 2.3k dislike.

10.  Angel  à Angel Angelll….. Mankind’s Angel. God! I still remember the horror of this video. Singer and Lyricist of this song, Taher Shah in various colorful gown cum robs in the green meadows behaving like I don’t know… himself may be.

I still rember when i was shown this video by one of my friends and I was like Hey Bhagawan!! Kya Hai ye, kis ginha ki saza thi ye? After that day whenever I come across this song in my feed I quickly throw my phone away and use it only after holy chant to reduce the power this evil. This video has over 2.5 million views, 11k likes, and 52k dislikes.


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