10 Old Disney Shows you loved as kids – Best Disney Shows

Growing up, like most millennials I had a major obsession with Disney channel shows. These old Disney shows have been crucial the part of most of our childhood and teenage. Those were the days when watching TV was actually Fun.

As a 90s kid, I feel sorry for the kids of today. Poor kids have no good TV shows to watch. Even Disney Channel seemed to have stopped making good shows now. 

Back in the day, we had many amazing shows to watch. Those good old Disney shows made every child’s day.

So, to take you back in time here is the list of top 10 Disney shows that you absolutely loved watching.

Hannah Montana:

“You get the best of both worlds.” The first thing that comes to my mind when someone says Hannah Montana is its theme song. I remember how crazy I was for this show. Just writing the names of Characters Miley, Hannah, Lilly, Oliver, Rico, Jackson have given me Goosebumps.     

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody:

What a sweet little Disney show was this. It was so much fun to watch Zack and Cody do all that mischievous stuff and give Mr. Moseby a really hard time.  Man! I sincerely miss the old Disney shows ☹.

In India, we had a Hindi version of this show with the name Suite Life of Karan and Kabir, which was fine. But honestly, to me, nothing can beat the original one.  

That’s so Raven:

Remember how each one of you wished that you could also have Raven’s gift of being able to see the future? That’s so Raven is without a doubt one of the best Disney Show ever.   

Sonny with a chance:

This show still is one of my favorites. Even today whenever I watch this show I crack up and have a great time. Sonny, Chad, Tawni, Nico, Grady, and Zora I just loved all these characters. And to this date, I Still love Chad’s Awesome Birthday song. Chad Chad Chaddy Chad Chad.    

Wizards of Waverly place:

This was probably the starting of stardom for Selena Gomez but for the rest of us it was the show we could not wait to see. Alex and her brothers with those Wizardry powers had me wishing ‘I wish I was a wizard’.

Good Luck Charlie:

This show was super cool and fun. All Disney shows were kind of relatable but this one was actually candid.

Indian kids might remember, we had a Hindi version of this show as well. It was called Best of Luck Nikki. I loved both these shows.


Every millennial knows what kind of stardom the Joans brother held in these days. Obviously, we wanted to see these musician brothers more and eventually a TV series was unveiled which was about these brothers who we lovingly call Jo Bros. Apparently, this series did not do too well, irrespective of that I still loved this show. I would have loved to watch more seasons. Anyway, that does not mean all you Jo Bros fan do not have a reason to celebrate. I mean the Joans Brothers are back together and we can not be happier.     

The Elephant princess:

Comment if you remember this one. Another show about the magic that made us want to believe in it. I was fascinated by the idea of being able to shift through the worlds, how that beautiful elephant Anala took Alex to where she belonged.

Pair of Kings:

Remember how Brady and Boomer became the Kings? My God, I still remember those days. This show was so much fun. After Hannah Montana we got to see Mitchel in this hilarious show. As much as we loved this guy in Hannah Montana we also adored him in Pair of Kings.

Lizzy McGuire:

Honestly, I did not like this so as such. I never really was excited to see it but since some of the people I know just adored this show and it was quite popular back in the day, it also deserves to be mentioned in this list.

Regardless of the fact whether I liked it or not, thinking about Lizzy McGuire show kind of brings me nostalgic feelings. Because it was also the part of Golden Era of Disney Shows.

All these Disney shows were such a big part of our lives while growing up. I still love these shows I wish Disney Channel still made good shows like these. Never the less I still see these shows every now and then and every time I see them, I go back to those good old days I adored. And the amount of happiness I feel in those moments is simply priceless. I am sure all of you feel the same too.

So, comment and tell us what do you think of these shows and which Disney show was your favourite. 


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