10 Cartoons that 90s kids loved – Best Cartoon Network shows

Cartoon are an integral part of every child’s life; every generation has a set of shows that are loved by that generation. But honestly, without any biases, the cartoons that 90s kids grew up watching were the best.  

These were funny, had some really good story and everybody including our parents loved watching these. On the other hand, we have lousy cartoons of today, for which I have no words except Boriingggg.

Ok so, for 90s kids one of the most important channels was Cartoon Network. The old Cartoon Network shows were a seriously amazing man. I remember how eager I used to be to watch these shows.

Even today, if I happen to catch any of these on TV my happiness reaches another level. So today I will be taking you back in time once again. To bring nostalgia to my millennials and to tell the current generation what you are currently watching is basically substandard children entertainment, meet the real deal.

Here is the list of 10 Cartoon Network shows that millennials loved.

Power Puff Girls

Remember these little girls fighting crime? Man this was one of my favorite shows back then.

Courage the cowardly Dog

A poor dog that was scared of everything, yet did everything to protect his masters. Aww I miss this show so much.

Dexter’s Laboratory

Universally this show has been loved by everyone. Dexter doing his big science stuff and Dee Dee messing it up, was super fun to watch. Dexter and his sister Dee Dee still is the best duo on the planet.

Johnny Bravo

Remember this guy trying to impress women and falling badly? We all laughed hard on his failures.

Baby Looney Tunes

I just loved this show. Watching these cute little tunes was my favorite thing and still is. Bugs, Tweety, Taz, Daffy, Lola, Petunia, Sylvester and Granny having a great time everyday was such a sweet thing. I remember how I wished i could spend a day with them. Silly me..

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Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry is not a cartoon show it is an emotion. This is the show that will never ever get old. Even today, everyone enjoys watching Jerry give Tom hard time. This brings really strong nostalgia.

Scooby Doo  

Hey Scooby where are you? Remember how fun was this show? Scooby and his friends solving mystery is still my favorite thriller 🙂

The Flintstones

I Just can not explain how much I loved this show. I loved everything about this show especially their house, stone TV and Stone vehicles. Man.. those were the days.

Codename: Kids Next Door

Remember these five kids and their fun expeditions? Looking back I find this even more cute. I mean these guys tried to stop crimes like flossing, homework etc against children. #Imissit

Ed, Edd n Eddy

These three crazy friends goofing around doing the stuff that made laugh was one of the best shows ever.


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